Does the shell warning annoy you like it did me. Well this is how to disable it!

ESXi shell warning

Here’s what it looks like on a standalone ESXi host which is what I have. Why have I got it enabled. Because I’m using a great piece of backup software called Thinware vBackup which does image based backups via SSH for free ESXi! Heres a link:

Any way all that is needed is to do the following:

ESXi Disable Shell Command

Got to the ‘configuration’ tab of the host. Browse to ‘Advanced Settings’. Find the ‘UserVars’ section and right at the bottom there is a field called ‘UserVars.SuppressShellWarning’ Change the setting to 1 and viola, no more warning.

By the way this applies even if you have the warnings on managed ESXi hosts which shows a exclamation mark instead.

ESXi 5: Suppressing The Local/Remote Shell Warning
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