Just a notepad++ regex example for searching netscreen debug traces to start. I’ll update this one as I find other useful examples.


Netscreen Debug Flow

To search netscreen debug flow output for particular traffic, try something like:[0-9]+)->

Example debug flow data:

****** 6033888.0: <TSVR/ethernet1/0.2> packet received [497]******
ipid = 32175(7daf), @2d777114
packet passed sanity check.
flow_decap_vector IPv4 process
ethernet1/0.2:>,6, 5019(fin)<Root>
existing session found. sess token 17
flow got session.
flow session id 57004
flow_main_body_vector in ifp ethernet1/0.2 out ifp N/A
flow vector index 0x123, vector addr 0x3edc424, orig vector 0x3edc424
vsd 0 is active
tcp seq check.
post addr xlation:>
packet send out to 005056850002 through ethernet1/1.3

Clear all Comments from all lines

To clear all comments from a file, try a find and replace:


Leave the “Replace with” field blank to replace with nothing. The ^ indicates the start of a line, the [#;] is a character class to match either # or ;, and .* matches anything else in the line.


Notepad++ Regex examples
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