Decided to upgrade mint to the latest version Sarah. Very straight forward task thanks to the Mint team. I did end up with conky Seamod looking odd on though on startup. First it was in windowed mode and secondly the font was just plain wrong.


The fixes were very straight forward. Go to the configuration file for the conky widget in question and make a couple of changes to the file.

vim "~/.conky/Conky Seamod/conky_seamod"

Number one is to change the window type to desktop to ensure it becomes part of the desktop, modify the line to:

own_window_type desktop

The font part took a bit more searching but thanks to Jonny5 just needed formatting.
The old config was:

font Ubuntu:size=10:weight:normal

The new config is:

font Ubuntu:normal:size=10

Now bear in mind there are loads of lines in this file that need changing but just run through and do a key word search for weight to ensure you’ve not missed any lines with the old format.


Linux Upgrade Conky Seamod Font issues
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