If you have Linux clients accessing NFS shares on an Isilon Scale out NAS then they may not be able to see the usage of a directory using the “df” command.


Now the fix only works on directories which have a hard quota or both a hard and soft quota set on the Isilon cluster. The command it requires is either of the following:

isi quota quotas modify --type=directory --path=/ifs/data/test --container=true


isi quota quotas create --type=directory --path=/ifs/data/test --hard-threshold=100G --container=true

Obviously the parameter here is the container setting. You can check the output using the following command:

isi quota quotas list --verbose --format=table

This will give an output whether the container flag is set per quota already created.

On the client then when running “df -h” they will actually see the usage as if it was a normal local disk.


Allow Linux Clients to See Directory Usage EMC Isilon
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