Looking for a version 8 command. It may be here. I’ll add more over time.

Clearing Events

Commands required on Isilon cluster v8
isi event groups bulk --resolved=true --ignore=true

Search failing IP’s across the cluster reported by zabbix
isi_for_array ifconfig | grep

View/Remove from Grid dynamic pool
isi network pools view --id= <groupnet_id>.<subnet_name>.<pool_name>
isi network pools modify  <groupnet_id>.<subnet_name>.<pool_name> --remove-ifaces=

isi network pools modify  <groupnet_id>.<subnet_name>.<pool_name> --remove-ifaces=6:10gige-agg-1

The following can be used to add interface back
isi network pools modify  <groupnet_id>.<subnet_name>.<pool_name> --add-ifaces=

Rebalance IP addresses

To manually rebalance IP addresses in a pool
isi network pools list

isi network pools rebalance-ips <groupnet_id>.<subnet_name>.<pool_name>

Restart Services

Restart all NFS services on the cluster:
isi_for_array -s /usr/likewise/bin/lwsm restart onefs_nfs

Disk Status

Get statistics on drive busyness:

isi statistics drive list --nodes=all --type=sas,sata --sort=busy | head -n 30

Get statistics on drive usage:

isi statistics drive list --verbose --degraded --format=table --limit=10 --nodes=all --sort=used

Isilon Version 8 Cheat Sheet Commands
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