I’m adding this here cause sometimes I’m dense and I forget the command.

Command Examples

copy running-config scp://dave@myVM/home/dave/running-config-scp
Source filename [running-config]?
Address or name of remote host [myVM]?
Destination username [dave]?
Destination filename [home/dave/running-config-scp]?
Cryptochecksum: 5b1178ff 4db70c26 45645f8f 7ec33023
The authenticity of host 'myVM(' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is <b1:99:d5:0b:03:27:ab:83:1c:cd:9a:0b:ae:17:d2:37:1f:36:a7 :c7:38:91:1c:82:5f:09:78:9a:ae:aa:4f:df>(SHA256).
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Please use the following commands to add the hash key to the configuration:
 ssh pubkey-chain
 server myVM
 key-hash sha256 b1:99:d5:0b:03:27:ab:83:1c:cd:9a:0b:ae:17:d2:37:1f:36:a7:c 7:38:91:1c:82:5f:09:78:9a:ae:aa:4f:df
Password: *************
43756 bytes copied in 8.500 secs (5469 bytes/sec)

Once done of course you can add the public key to the ASA so it knows its talking to the right guy!

To go the other way I’ve found the following best:

scp -v cisco@ asa822-k8.bin

Thanks again to the stupid engineer!

SCP File To/From ASA

SCP Example Cisco ASA to Linux
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