If you ever get a problem with networking between 2 distant Isilon clusters then you might get a problem with SyncIQ reports filling up with nonsense. So if you have a lot of jobs you might end up with thousands of reports. This in turn means the Isilon will not return results from either the CLI or GUI when trying to see reports for synciq policies but will just timeout.


Heres the utimate solution for the problem:

Check how many reports exist

find /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/tsm/sched/reports/ -name "report-[0-9]*.gc" | wc -l
isi sync policies list

copy the list so you can enable the policies later and then disable all policies

isi sync policies disable --all

Change your policies for a maximum age and count to more sensible levels

isi sync policies modify --policy=<policy-name> --report-max-age=1W --report-max-count=100

Disable the migrate service

isi services -a isi_migrate disable

mv the reports to the support directory

mv /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/tsm/sched/reports /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/reports.bak

create a new reports directory

mkdir /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/tsm/sched/reports

find all reports over 7 days old and delete

find /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/reports.bak/ -type f -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;

copy all the remaining reports back to the original location

cp /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/reports.bak/<policy-UID>/* /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/tsm/sched/reports/<policy-UID>/

rebuild the database

isi_classic sync reports rebuild

enable your policies

isi sync policies enable --policy=

enable the migrate service

isi services -a isi_migrate enable

This will do the trick. I would advise you complete for the first time through EMC support however.

Rebuild Report Database Isilon
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